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l.  Issues dealing with deck building, designing, etc.

1. I’ve heard about methods that some deck builders use that eliminates seams or butt joints in the deck. This method also enables you to build almost any size and shape deck with very little waste regardless of the whether you have 12’, 14’, or 16’ boards on the job site. How does this work?  Click for answer.

2. We have always used traditional lumber to build our decks. We’re interested in some of the new materials but not sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions about pricing? What’s the best way to know what to offer? And how can I get started without spending a bunch of money? Click for answer.

3. Last year I heard about a company that was getting free display space and they doubled their business. Can you tell me what they were doing? Click for answer

4. What’s the best way to bring the original color of redwood or red cedar back? Click for answer

5. I’ve noticed that a lot of the deck companies now have web sites listed in their ads. How would a web site for a small construction company like ours be of any benefit? Click for answer

6. When building a ground level deck, around 7” to 24” high, is it better to set the posts first or build the frame first? Click for answer

7. Since most of the new composites don’t warp or twist – should I use screws or nails? Click for answer

8. I’ve been looking for a software program for designing decks that really works – not just a bunch of cookie cutter plans or a complicated auto-cad system. Do you have any suggestions? Click for answer

9. What’s the best way to know if one of these new composites will hold up long term and genuinely be a no-maintenance material for my customer? Click for answer

10. I have customers that want a dry area under their raised deck. What’s the best way to do this? Click for answer

11. When a deck needs to be re-stained and the existing stain is partially worn off, should the old stain be removed before re-staining? If so, how? Click for answer

12. We have removed several decks this year that were about 15 years old – to our surprise, some did not have concrete around the posts and they were not out of level very much. The posts that were set in concrete were actually worse. Do you have any tips on making post setting easier and stronger? Click for answer

13. Is treated pine poisonous? If so, what precautions should my customers take, if any? Click for answer

14. What’s the best way to buy my materials? We have been going to the lumberyard each day, but now we’re wondering if we should start buying truckload quantities?  
Click for answer

15. We’re interested in some of the new deck materials, but we’ve had pretty good success selling treated pine decks. How can I justify the higher prices to my customer? Click for answer


II. Questions related to the association.

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Q. Does the Deck Industry Association have any standard bid forms for its members?  
A. Not yet, but we are looking for input from members. Please send us your thoughts, suggestions, or samples of something you are currently using

Q. Can I use the DIA logo in my advertising?
A. Absolutely, if you are a member. Download the logo by clicking here.

Q. Is my membership renewal in January or 12 months after I joined?  
A. It is renewable the same month you joined each subsequent year

Q. Does the Deck Industry have a convention or trade show planned for 2004?  
A. Yes. The 2004 DeckExpo is in the planning stages now and slated to be held in Reno Nevada. This will be the second trade show and convention for deck builders and deck manufacturers. The first show was a huge success !!

Q. I’m glad to see that deck builders finally have a trade association. What can I do to help?
We want to be attentive to all our members and we are open to all your suggestions and comments.

First, we want to thank you for joining!

1. If you have any ideas about how we can better serve you and improve our industry – PLEASE TELL US.

2. As you encounter interesting websites related to the Deck Business, please forward that information to the

3. If you would like to write your own articles or interesting tips, the DIA accepts all contribution for review . Please send all submission to


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